Youth unemployment in Dartford falls 50%

Youth unemployment has fallen by more than 50 per cent in Dartford since 2010, according to the latest figures.In May 2010, 630 young people aged between 18 and 24 were claiming Job Seekers Allowance.  The latest figures show that in June this year just 290 people in the same age group were claiming the benefit. This represents a fall of 53%.

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson said: “Seeing the number of young people claiming Job Seekers Allowance falls by half during the time I have been in Parliament is a truly remarkable statistic. The improving economy has given employers the confidence to take more people on. What has also helped is the hard work of the town’s Job Centre, the Learning Shop at Bluewater and the growing number of apprenticeships available to young people.

Only last month it was revealed the number of apprenticeships in Dartford had more than doubled from 330 to 770 since the General Election.Youth unemployment now stands at just 3.4 per cent, which is below the national figure of 4 per cent.I hope to see more apprenticeships created in the future as they give young people the chance to gain skills and hands-on experience in the workplace.

We are now seeing significant improvements in the job market locally but it is essential that we stick to our long term plan to improve the economy. Halving the number of young people out of work in Dartford is something to celebrate but there is still more to be done.”

Thanks to Gareth Johnson, Dartford for the post:

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